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Author: Binary IT   Date Posted:24 April 2018 

Yes! It’s an internet age. We can buy computers and IT equipments online! We are walking, talking, moving in a generation where networking has become our right hand and technology left hand. The invention surely has reduced complexity, as to address queries we make maximum use of search engines. Specially, when we are about to trade (buying and selling). What we do is take help from Google, find best product, brands and compare its price in several websites then purchase the product from the e-store offering least price for the product.

If you just feed your product query in google, it will provide you with a long list of e-stores offering branded laptops and desktop, components and part, printers, software’s, mobile phones, tablets, gaming console, network devices, communication devices and security & cameras. Let’s further navigate briefly on the products offered by online store in Australia offering computer and IT equipment online.


Branded Laptops & Desktop

These days it’s not unusual to have more than one computers with a single individual. A slim trim laptop to carry around and a wide screen desktop to work at home or workplace. Choice on purchasing a right computer is difficult and confusing, as there are desktops which are small and inconspicuous than laptop. Desktop pc’s offer more performance and less repairs. Desktop PC’s are available in Full Sized, Compact, All-in-one and gaming computer.

Laptop computers are little more cramped than desktop but is portable enough to be carried everywhere. The main consideration when buying computers online is power and screen size. Laptops are available in Small screen size (10” inch to 13” inch screen size), Medium screen size (14” inch to 16” inch screen size) and larger screen size ( 17” inch – 18” inch screen size). You also get to select laptops on the basis on processor and operating system (Chromebook, Detachable Laptops, 2 in 1 Laptops).

When you purchase computers online, from any e-store you get to choose your computer from 100+ brands including Dell, HP, ASUS, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Fiji and many more.


Components & parts 

Why do we purchase components and parts for pc? It’s obvious either we are seeking to upgrade our laptops or our laptop seriously needs parts replacement to function properly. Purchasing duplicate parts can seriously damage your computers while purchasing genuine components can dry out your pocket.

Purchasing IT equipment from online store can be a cost saver. Online store to gain market share often sell components and part at a discounted rate. They introduce promotional offer, weekly offer, festivals offer to gain the trust of customers. The customers can make high use of such offers and save few bucks by purchasing it online.



You want a printer, and you have no person to consult with beside the store keeper or the shop in charger about the qualities of the printer. Following, if the store has few brands you won’t even get a chance to know about the other brands, qualities and price reasonability. The store in charger will try their best to sell the products in their store.

On the other hand, it’s not even possible to walk in every store and compare price to buy a printer.

Online store is the only solution where a buyer gets to explore every available brand present in the market, compare its price and get it delivered right at their doorstep. In an e-store customer can get voluminous price range, brands with every product specifications and reviews.



Before purchasing any software, one needs to recognize their requirement with their business goals, look out for every software options, narrow down the options with its alternative, compare it and then make a final decision. After meeting with every foresaid criterion, you will contact every vendor, take references, try to negotiate the contract and make final purchase decision.

The process is long and tiring. Instead why don’t you surf various online store. Check out their software availability, price, brand and just order with them. Neither you must knock doors of any vendor nor do you have to negotiate.


Mobile Phone & Tablets

An online store is created for user friendly shopping experience where users get to explore several products of several brands. The customers also get an opportunity to compare products and pick a best one. They offer plenty of communicative devices from a plain cellular phone to high class branded tablets and mobile devices. There are plenty of online stores selling mobile phones and tablets. A purchaser can go through it and buy it online without having to bargain with vendors. An online store keeping all the customers in mind, sells iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorolla, Oppo and many other brands.


Networking Devices

Weather home or an office, a reliable network keeps every device connected to the Internet. So, one should opt for networking devices which provides strong wireless connectivity and effective network. Router, modem and gateways together fit in as a single hardware of networking devices. Networking devices are available in loads of variety in terms of speed, features and power. On that basis networking devices (router) are available in three tiers; Basic, Premium and High Performing. Looking at your network connectivity requirement you can purchase it online.


Gaming Console

Are you a game geek? Are you in search of PS4 gaming console at a decent price to play God of Wars, The Last of Us, GTA 5, FIFA and many more. Gaming console are relatively affordable than gaming PC’s, however, there are slight price variation when you compare the price of same product in other online sites. Yes, you will get price difference of few bucks and yes it does surely matter.

The online store does offer attractive bundles on the product. There are few stores which give free trial service, free shipping service, discounted rates, secondary discount service and attractive gifts, which a regular store would never offer.


Security & cameras

For home and office security, spy cameras or security cameras are the best.  Security products offered by any online store includes CCTV camera, IP camera accessories, security cameras, DVR/NVR and DVR/DVR.

When selecting security cameras make sure to go through its features (motion detection, field view, sound, Wi-Fi capability, movement, night vision resolution and cost.)

In Australia, there are e-stores which offer computer and IT equipment at a decent price. But before purchasing any products online, make sure to go through its customers review for they reveal the exact scenario of that particular online shop. Also go through it’s terms and conditions along with its refundable policy so that if you don’t like the product you can return or exchange it.

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