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Everyday 9 out of 10 individuals’ buy IT hardware and software. The reason for such act is its frequent upgrading of technology. When you look back you remember using Windows 90, operating DOS, playing Mario games and using Oracle in Pentium 3, 4 computers. But when you observe the techno surrounding in 2018, you see MAC books and laptops with Windows 10 operating system running in an i7th generation. Similarly, the existence of smartphones with the added configuration of windows has made it mandatory for the users to purchase accessories to improvise user’s mobility.

Picking a right hardware will surely boost the performance of your computer. But before upgrading your hardware you must find its suitability, compliance, and usability. There is no point of purchasing any IT hardware and software if you are unaware of its usage. So, via this article, I bring in the essential hardware and software that is required for the basic operation by every user irrespective of their occupational field.


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 is one of the basic IT software required by every profession. Be it a student or a businessman Microsoft Office 365 has an array of Office 365 package catering all the user requirements. Microsoft Office 365 consists of Ms. Word, Excel, Photoshop and much more which is operated by every individual for their work-related purpose.

Similarly, Microsoft offers functions in Outlook. For the Business purpose, it has Share Point, Task Manager, Skype, Calendar and many more.

MY TECH SHOP has a variety of Microsoft Office 365 Packages suiting for Students, Business, Non-Profit Organization and any other enterprises at the best suitable price. As MY TECH SHOP is the Certified Silver Partner of Microsoft it makes sure to give a range of affordability to its consumers.


Watch Guard Anti-Virus:

An anti-virus is a must for every pc. As people keep on downloading random stuff from the internet server sometimes they download files which are corrupted and full of virus. Watch Guard Fire ware XTM Essential is the next generation proxy technology which efficiently assembles payloads from network traffic. It has a modular approach of “plug and play” integration of the leading search engines with built-in headroom for the future.

Watch Guard AntiVirus is available at My Tech Shop at a reasonable price. For more offers in the IT hardware and software visit my tech shop.


Graphics Card:

Unlock your system’s full potential with HSA enabled APUs. AMD A8-7560K is a quad-core processor with FM 2+, 3.3 GHz, 4MB cache, Integrated Graphics Radeon R7 series, TDP 95W backed by a 3-year AMD warranty.

My Tech Shop provides this graphics card at a very reasonable rate. It aims in delivering customer satisfaction product, therefore, the products are comparatively reasonable and affordable.


Hard Disk Drive:

External hard drive eases up the working scenario. Piling up your important files in external hard disk allows you to work anywhere, anytime. It safeguards your important information while at the same time makes your information easily accessible. Sea gate offers external hard drive of 1 TB.

My Tech Shop has a reasonable offer for the Sea Gate hard disk. My Tech Shop has a wide range of IT hardware and software which can be purchased at a cost which is far more reasonable than the other online sites.


Operating System:

Most of the laptops come with inbuilt genuine Windows. However, people willing to upgrade their operating system according to their requirement and usages. For example, a few months back you purchased a laptop with Windows 7 OS but after few months Window launched OS 10. So, in this scenario instead of changing the entire laptop, you can simply upgrade the windows.

MY TECH SHOP has series of OS of Windows. One can go through its Operating System category and select the best OS which is easy to operate. From MY TECH SHOP, one can buy IT hardware and software from more than 80 plus brands.

Instead of going to store and purchasing required products now a day’s due to the existence of e-store people buy IT hardware and software through several e-commerce sites. Therefore, lessen your trouble and start purchasing the products via price and product comparison!

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