Cell Phones: Pick a Right Smart Phone suiting your requirements!

Author: Binary IT   Date Posted:7 March 2018 

Mobile devices today are no longer only used for telephony purpose. It has become a basic requirement filling the need of pc, notebook, clock, television, newspaper and many more. So, in short, it is important to search mobile phones which support 4G connectivity, operating system, screen size, android version, processor, camera and more importantly price.

To be honest, a good smartphone from a branded company is not cheap, it rips your pocket apart, so one must carefully examine personal requirement first and plunge in for smartphone features. Below are the quick tips to get hold of good smartphones,

  • Android or iOS:  While iOS is easier to use android gives you more choices. If you are still confused between the two go for iOS as they get to access latest app and software before any android phones but if you want more hardware options then Androids are super best!
  • Processor matters the most: Mobile market offers a wide range of phone offering mid-range processor which are quite sustainable. But if you operate cloud platforms from a phone or pay powerful games then head for the Android phone having Snapdragon 835 processor or A11 Bionic processor in iPhone 8, 8 plus or iPhone X.
  • Check battery backup:  Don’t pick smartphones whose battery backup is less than 10 hrs. There is no point of paying the ransom and taking out charging plug every hour. Go for 4000 MAH battery power but not below 3500 MAH.
  • Minimum 32GB internal storage: Phones below 32GB storage are a complete waste. You cannot operate more than two applications. If you install Viber you must remove Facebook, that will be the scenario. So, minimum storage of 32GB is a must.
  • RAM: Don’t pick phones below 3GB RAM otherwise your phone can only be used for telephony purpose. Your smartphone will frequently get “hanged” if you use more than one application at a time. Carefully check RAM first!
  • Phone size, display & camera pixels: AMOLED panel is better than LCD with not less than 4k screen. For the camera, instead of heading for high megapixel go for features such as optical image stabilization and dual lenses. If you use one hand opt screen smaller than 5.5 inches but if you watch movies, play a video game, use Microsoft packages then get phones not less than 5.8-inch size.


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