Five most annoying feature of your best phone iPhone X

Author: Binary IT   Date Posted:15 February 2018 

Back a few years ago people were inclined towards being a fashionista, but later technology advancement took the entire limelight and made people gadget geek. Any introduction of new gadget people crawls to try it out once irrespective of its cost and objectives. So, was the situation of mine, the introduction of iPhone X made me anticipate more about it. It urged me to explore more about the product which finally landed me towards Apple store to purchase it.

Considerably, the first impression the new phone gave me was its slim appearance with 5.8 inches of its screen space with no home button. Later, with the passing time, it soon made me realize the outflown gush which nearly rolled my eyes out and made me re-think WHY? My question further rose when series of tabs and swipes covered the navigation base making me wonder WHAT’s exactly is GOING ON?

So, here I share my FIVE most annoying features of iPhone, which left me aghast and wonder WHY?


Face ID seems to never recognize me:

The first thing that I do every morning is go on my phone before I even walk out from bed. But, this no longer exists as apple face it doesn’t seem to recognize my early morning face without my regular eyeglass on it.

It’s not Apple’s fault though but at least it should have formed a backup plan. With face ID you don’t get an immediate second chance instead you must wait for few seconds to try it again. In the next iPhone 9 I do hope the maker so of the phone has a strong biometric backup.


Battery Life, another misjudgment:

For the first few months, you will really like your phone. Compared to the previous iPhone’s, iPhone X surely has a long battery life. But after two-three months, you will notice a slight change in the battery longevity. Every time you watch a video or listen to music you will have to search for your power bank. Even on a day when I excluded using this app I was plugging to power banks every evening. On top of that iPhone hides the battery percentage meter on your screen. One should go to the control center to check out the battery percentage.

The battery power of iPhone X doesn’t even last longer compared to the mid-range phone despite paying a whopping amount. Apple sternly works towards it cell power.


Complex user-friendly phone:

It’s a biggest troublesome issue identified by the iPhone x users. Old iPhones were easy to operate. Any normal people would get hold of its function but with the new iPhone X, everything goes haywire. You should go through Apple’s tutorial to get acquainted with the phone. Even to perform small activities you must go on and on with the tutorial guidance.

This is not only about using iTunes to download files but it’s about making simple access to the home screen. You must be familiar with gestures to open it. For an instance, if you use the same old version technique to take screenshots from iPhone X you might accidentally land up calling 911.


One-way Navigation shortcut:

I am a frequent user of the map. I use the map to find from cafes to clothing stores to nearest hospitals everything. Apple’s iPhone X has great navigation function, to make your tapping task easy iPhone X puts a blue tic tac around the clock so that you can go back and forth to the map.

Though the feature is great sometimes it just annoys me. It simply toggles you back and forth to the map but it will not toggle you back to the work you were doing before using navigating option.


Treasure hunt, Alarm option:

Like the battery percentage issue, iPhone X has an alarm issue. I am a very sound sleeper. I desperately need alarm clock to wake up every working days. But I sincerely don’t need a ringing alarm during my weekdays. So, when I wake up in the midst to shut down the clock from ringing in the usual time, I should go through the control centre. Which means I must be completely awake to prevent the alarm from ringing!  

I find it to be a complete mess. After brain activation its difficult to get a sound sleep which is annoying!!!

Although iPhone X has few demerits, it’s still one of my best gadgets. I love its camera feature, sound quality, operating system and many more. It has been a part of my life and I would refuse to let go under any circumstances. With these few de-merits you might refrain yourself from purchasing iPhone but trust me you will enjoy exploring the new inbuilt features of it, so stay tuned till I update the good qualities of it!


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