Next Generation Smartphone Camera: How does the camera be like & it’s type?

Author: Binary IT   Date Posted:16 February 2018 

How does the next generation smartphone camera look like? Can we say Social media like Instagram and Facebook is the key reason for camera upgrade? Selfie trend with picture posting in social media has urged the mobile device manufacturing company to focus and improvise on camera device rather than its phone function. Well, after the selfie camera there is a rumour of developing cameras that could see through walls.

The news is somewhat pleasing for selfie starrers and video makers. Smartphones which recognized face, took slow motion videos now could come with larger resolution and see through features. The latest camera research is switching to increasing megapixel to fusion camera data with computational processing.  Computational processing is not only about photoshop style processing but about a radical approach where image look real instead of filtered.

After few days we might not even require conventional imaging techniques, instead we might be using light detectors to see things through it rather than its surface. Below is the type of camera which may pop up in the smartphone device soon.


Single Pixel Cameras:

Single pixel cameras rely on a basic principle. Typical camera usage lots of pixel to capture scene while single pixel camera usage many light sources to capture moment. However, the disadvantage of it is it produces one image with several patterns. This camera is beneficial in taking photos in fog, snow fall and even mimic the eyes of animals through increased resolution. Images from light particles can be captured.


Multi-Sensor Image:

Single pixel imaging focuses on the traditional concept of photography whereas multi-sensor imaging covers different detectors point at several wavelengths.

The next generation camera would somewhat be acquainted with ten different sensors with a professional quality image with high internal storage data.

Researchers are working immensely hard on developing cameras which capture visuals beyond the impossibilities. Integration of artificial intelligence in camera would be a boon for the photographers!

This is just a beginning phase of 2018, we are sure to embrace more captivating features configured in a newly developed smartphone. 

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