Noise-cancelling Headphones for 2018 you should buy Right Now

Date Posted:9 April 2018 

Headphones have become our best buddy. From early morning walk to late traveling from work you seek their company, in fact you enjoy their company. But despite giving you endless support, it fails to break the outside barriers (extreme noises).  The reason, people only know about normal headphones! Very few people know about noise absorbing headphones. There are headphones in the market that offer noise insulation, bluetooth and wireless technology and provide high-quality sound. They also provide a convenient measurement for long-term use and isolate external noise. In these kinds of headphones, active noise is canceled by using built-in microphones that capture ambient sounds while the headphones produce sound waves which isolate external noise. There are many headphones with noise insulation feature produced by many MNC companies and here we will show you the best noise isolation headphones for iphone, android phones or pc for this year 2018!


Sony Headset WH-1000X M2:

It has the feature of digital noise cancellation and easily detects the ambient sound you hear. You can enjoy 10min of quick charging for 70 min of play and enjoy up to 30hrs with wireless NC.


This headphone eliminates distracting noise with quick attention mode. It has smart listening features with touch control, voice assistant, quick attention mode and adjustable earphones. The best thing about Sony’s headphones that it provides wireless headset with noise isolation.  


Bose QC 35 II: 

It has a noise rejecting dual-microphone which gives clear access to virtual assistant like Siri. It has functionality of noise level adjustment to create a favourable environment. With its volume optimized features, it releases quality sound while travelling on train or aeroplane. 


It has a hassle free wireless connection (Blue tooth & NFC pairing) with USB cable 12-inch, Audio cable 47.2 inches. It gives a battery backup up to 40 hours while listening in a wired mode while in a wireless mode it gives battery backup up to 20 hours.


AKG N60 NC Headphones:

Best Ear Headphones with AKG Noise Isolation Features. It has an outstanding battery life compared to competing headphones with stylish and comfortable design.


This headset has a great application that allows the user to adjust the sounds of low frequency. It has a 30-hour battery life with a portable USB charging cable. It has a frequency response from 10Hz-22Hz and adapts 3D folding mechanism.


Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headset:

 After Sony WH-1000X M2, Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headset is the best headset, but it has lost competition due to its extreme high price. Sennheiser provides better Sony microphone and feature prevents to sudden sound uproar.

Sennheiser PXC 550

 The PXC 550s features is close to Bose QC 35 II headset, but the audio aid is absent in these headphones which in fact gives better sound accuracy. The speakers of these headphones soften the surrounding sound by keeping the low-frequency sounds tuned. However, it does not support LDAC or audio plugin integration.


Bose QC 35 I and QC 35 II:

The Bose QC 35I and QC 35 II are very similar, but the QC 35 II headset comes with a built-in support for the Google Voice Assistant. This speaker does not provide a good bass sound and precise sound compared to the competitors.

Bose QC 35 I and II

 Bose provides a battery life for more than 20 hours with noise isolation and Bluetooth connectivity.


Headset cb3-hush:

With an active noise cancellation technology it reduces every kind of pitched sounds (low, high or mid) giving a greater sound of music. It has wireless blue tooth with microphone which gives great sound and comfort (40 mm drives which deliver great sound). If you purchase this headphone you get a one-year warranty along with a carrying pouch, micro USB, 3.5 mm audio cable and inflight adapter for airplanes.


Although the sound quality and noise isolation feature cannot be compared with other leading speakers, the headset is relatively comfortable. It provides a 15-hour run time, which is lower than other expensive speakers.


Panasonic RP-HC800E-K:

Light weight headphones with noise cancelling performance. Its 40mm neodymium it delivers natural treble and rich bass. This headphone is smartphone compatible along with iOS and Blackberry devices.  

Panasonic RP-HC800E-K

This headset at a minimal price is extra comfortable with cushioned air pads with fold flat design and hard side travel case.


Philips Fidelio NC1:  

Great sound with great appearance. This headphone has a weight of 74 pounds with a cable length of 3.9 feet, frequency response of 7-25000Hz, Two 1.5” Neodymium drivers with battery life of 25hrs.

Philips Fidelio NC1

 It has a great built electric sound, with great quality battery life at a very reasonable price.


Bowers and Wilkins PX Wireless:

Total noise cancellation headphones weighing 335 grams with a frequency response of 10Hz-20kHz with a wireless range of 30mm and a battery life of 22hours.  

Bowers and Wilkins PX Wireless

This headphone has power sensitivity i.e. it automatically turns on and off with auto pause play on & off and future proof USB-C charging standard.


B &O PLAY by Bang& Olufsen (E8 Premium):  

While we put this headphone to the test, it is A truly wireless headphone giving you a cord free experience with superior quality. These headphones have wireless in ear design with Bang of signature sound taking you to next level listening experience. These headphones have easy controls allowing you to take calls, switch tracks with active voice command and feature.

Followingly the Field Magnetic Induction technology offers less sound degradation with better connectivity and no dropouts. It comes with a genuine leather charging case which provides an additional charging of 2.4 hours after initial charging of 4hrs.


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