Samsung Galaxy s9 Review - What has samsung galaxy s9 stored this year for the mobile users!

Author: Binary IT   Date Posted:9 February 2018 

Samsung s9 review: Beside the Valentine Day craze, the techno market is overly excited to get hold of Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. All set to be launched in the month of Feb just a day ahead of Mobile World Congress on 26th Feb 2018 at Barcelona. Every year, the mobile colossal Samsung takes an opportunity to showcase its innovation to the tech devotees at Mobile World Congress. As we have landed on the Feb month each day we are sure the tech devotees are anxious to know and take a glimpse of the new creation of Samsung.
To maintain more suspense, S9 on its invitation letter had emphasized on quotes stating
‘The camera. Reimagined’.  Despite the over mounting suspense, a few bits and pieces of assumption has been made regarding the new phone where more emphasis has been given on the camera portion. Well, may be due to selfie craze, Samsung got too hooked on focusing on the camera leaving the other areas of the phone like the old phones. So, let’s look on the obvious portion of the new Samsung Galaxy S9.

Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 is all set to release by the end of February 2018, just a day before Mobile World Congress i.e 25th February 2018. While the viewers can take a look of the new device on 26th February 2018 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new device will be available on market by the end of March 2018.

Price and affordability of Samsung Galaxy S9:

Samsung When talking about the price of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 it is obvious that the price will be comparatively higher than the previous innovation. An addition of $100, $200 can be expected on the principle amount of previous creation.
But it is very necessary for Samsung to keep a tap on its pricing for if it starts to levy price higher than the iPhones then, Samsung would eventually lose their customers for Apple. So, one can pretty much assume that the phone of Samsung will not be higher than the Apple price.

Overall features and look of Samsung Galaxy S9:

If you check on the pattern of Samsung device, the newer version is somewhat like the older version of smartphones. Samsung Galaxy 7 was a replica of Samsung Galaxy 6, so we can assume the new S9 can look alike like Galaxy 8. There might be some slight changes on the curves, edges with few essential changes of finger print authentication or face detecting features.
If you are aware, on the mid of January 2018 the retail box of Samsung Galaxy S9 had got leaked. From it the user’s expectations got more clearer and there was a complete end to the guessing games. The retail box gave in every details and picture of the Samsung Galaxy S9.
The Samsung Galaxy S9 offers 5.8”inch full rectangle display screen, 5.6 rounded corners with Quad HD + AMOLED, 8MP AF Selfie Camera, 12MP Dual Pixel 12MP OIS camera, Stereo Speakers tuned by AKG, IP68 Water and Dust Resistant, Iris Scanner with 64 GB internal memory and 4GB RAM with wireless charging option and earphones tuned by AKG.
Well, though the retail box looks real however we are not sure whether these are the original configurations and features of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 phones. Few more days and we are sure to get hold of the exact information of the device. With the device specifications, we shall also bring in more user’s reviews, price comparison and product comparison chart which will be very useful for the users who are looking forward to purchasing the new Samsung Galaxy S9 device. Not to miss with our expert’s suggestion we will also bring in the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the device, so stay tuned we will bring more details on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 device!

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