Hp Sprocket z3z93a Photo Printer Review: How Good is the Printer?

Author: Binary IT   Date Posted:7 March 2018 

When HP launched its Sprocket Z3Z93A photo printer the market was hyped with the new creation of HP. The pocket-sized printer gave smiles and laughs to many by making it one of the desirable products. It lured the interest of many and made it one of the most exciting gadgets of the year. The vibrant colour, easy portability and the mobile connectivity is an attractive feature of HP Sprocket. For those who are unaware about what HP Sprocket is about? What is it? How to operate it? What are its pros and cons?

Without further ado let’s get started on HP Sprocket;






313 x 400dpi


Right Status light: White power on, flashing image transmission, printing.

Red flashing: low battery, error, paper jam, no paper and cover open.

Left charge light: red charging, green charge complete.


Print technology



Not required

Paper sensor


Paper trays



3.0 Bluetooth

Mobile Printing capacity


Operating System compatibility

iOS 8.0 above and android 4.4



Printer Management

Sprocket app

Borderless printing


Media size

5.0 x7.6 cm

Media size custom

2 x 3 in

Media type


Software included

iOS and Android sprocket app


What is HP Sprocket?

  • A smallest pocket-friendly printer which allows you instant sharing of photographs from your mobile device and which combines the talent of your smartphone with your printer.


How does HP Sprocket function?

  • If you are thinking this printer to be an old genre kind where on should fill in ink, then you are wrong. HP Sprocket uses no ink either does it use paper exceeding paper size 2x3 inches. It uses Zink technology developed by Polaroid and uses multiple layers of transparent dye in papers.


What features & design does it have?

The Sprocket printer is of compact size. In the front portion, it has a small slot through which photographs can be obtained while in the back portion there is a Micro USB slot connecting batteries and charger. A single printer charge can print around 30 prints and it takes around 90 minutes to get fully charged.

To print the photographs, firstly drop a pack of 10 sheets of paper and connect it with Bluetooth. Secondly, download the Sprocket App from HP and then you can get going. While printing the pictures you can also add funky stickers with picture caption and several other editing tools.


How does it operate & price of HP Sprocket?

Print quality depends on the subject matter. The quality is really high and people who love to make memories in their album book instead of social media can thoroughly enjoy it. When you talk about the price, you can get HP Sprocket Z3Z93A at MY TECH SHOP for $193.30. At first, you get a free roll of printing sheets but after the free sheets are over the costs shall incline. The pack of 10 to 20 pack sheets costs you around 50p per photo which is considerably high in comparison to inkjet and laser print cost.

Overall, as the HP Sprocket instantly gives you photographs the cost can be adjusted right!


Should you buy HP Sprocket Z3Z93A?

Yes, you should go for it. At a convenient price of $ 193.30, this can be a wonderful gift for a crazy selfie taker. The gadget is a charming blend of ease digital shots and performance. You can take this printer anywhere and print photographs on the field, so we give a GREEN GO!

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